Mr. Popper’s Penguins


Title: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Author: Richard and Florence Atwater

Publisher: Little Brown

Language: English

Pages: 139 pages


Mr. Popper receives on unexpected delivery—a real, live penguin! Soon, another penguin arrives… and another… until his home is transformed into a snowy winter wonderland. As the penguins—each with a distinct and delightful personality—continue to turn Mr. Popper’s life upside down, he decides to take this show on the road. Mr. Popper’s penguins become a nationwide sensation.


Mr. Popper is a house painter who living in the pleasant little city called Stillwater. He lived with his wife and two childrens—Bill and Janie. Their very simple life oftenly being a reason for Mrs. Popper to complain about their finances, especially when Mr. Popper had no work to do. The decorating season is only in spring until fall, it’s when people in Stillwater want their houses to be painted. And there’s no more work for him when decorating season is over.

When the jobless time is coming, Mr. Popper will spend all his day to sitting around and reading, and Mrs. Popper will start to complaining her worried again about money. But Mr. Popper with his innocence keep doing his favourite.

Mr. Popper really liked all things about ice and snow. This was the most he regretted of all things he wish could seen but he can’t. He even imagine how great if he can be a scientist instead of a house painter, so that he might doing the Polar expeditions as he wished. But because he couldn’t do, so he always thinking about that. Even while doing his job, Mr. Popper will keep himself imagining those things. He had watched all the Polar movie in town and read all the books about Arctic or Antartic. Try to give him some questions about those cold places or all the Polar explorers, then he will give a most correctly answers about what happened in there or the name of all Polar explorers he knew and what they had done.

One day, when Mr. Popper listened to live broadcast of Admiral Drake—one of the South Pole explorers—that man said Mr. Popper will get the surprise for his letter that been sent to them. No need a long time for him to find out what surprise Admiral Drake meant about. The next day, he got a package. After he had unboxing the package, he heard a sounds like “Ork”. Of course he was surprised but speechless when the big bird jumped over the box. It was a penguin! Admiral Drake sent him a penguin from South Pole! Nothing better than this.

They called him Captain Cook, and put him in the ice box so he would feel comfortable. Bill and Janie playing with him, and when the childrens going to school Mr. Popper will take Captain Cook outside for a walk. He gave Captain Cook’s a clothesline leash tied to his fat neck and the other to his own wrist. There were too much bad and funny things when they walk outside for the first time.

But not long after Captain Cook lived together with Poppers, he got a severe illness. There was no one of good animal doctor could making him better. But fortunately, this condition of Captain Cook that make Mr. Popper’s to sent a letter to Dr. Smith—the curator of the great Aquarium in Mammoth City—will be changing all the life of Poppers.

There are twelve penguins after that, Poppers family and the penguins became famous and make a performing in any theaters over the world, and Mr. Popper himself finally got his biggest dream.

It was just a children story. But I have found out many moral lessons here. Onethe most important is; the impossible dream doesn’t mean impossible to be happened, because if we could kept it and treated it well, there’s no more reason the impossible one can’t be transformed to be impossible. Just believing and let’s dreaming!

If you bought the movie cover edition, inside of it you will find some pictures of the movie scenes.




This story first published in 1988 won the 1940 Young Reader’s Choice Award. The movie was starring by Jim Carrey, and yeah its mostly different with the original story. But I think this great movie still be entertaining.

Rating: 4/5

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