Wishlist SS 2015


I think I had left this blog too long. Nearly a year! A little bit sad indeed, but I can do nothing about it honestly. It’s the real life that cruelly has been taking me.. 😦

But for the next time, I will try my best to at least make a post for book reviews as much and as often as I can.

For the Secret Santa event I joined for the third time, I got some books that I really want to have. Here I made a list according to the book-I-want-most:

  1. The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness (English edition in Periplus – Rp 126,000*)


*price for PEC member in Periplus

PS Really really really want it

PPS Please please, Santa, please (wink)

  1. Seri A Song Of Ice And Fire #1: A Game Of Thrones; Perebutan Takhta – George RR Martin (Bahasa edition in Bukabuku – Rp 88.000)


  1. I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson (English edition in Periplus – Rp 113,000)


  1. Halaman Terakhir – Yudhi Heribowo (Bahasa edition in Bukabuku – Rp 59.200)


My lovely Santa (whoever you are), could you please give me one of them? I hope you have a wonderful time at the end of this year and for the next. Thank you very much… 🙂


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