Gone Girl

gone girl

Title: Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn

Publisher: Crown Publishers

Language: English

Pages: 560 pages



Marriage can be a real killer.

On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick’s wife, Amy, has disappeared. Nick is weak, Nick is a liar, and maybe he’s not the very best of husbands—but is he a killer? Amy’s diary reveals turmoil over their marriage, strange sicknesses, and her deep wish to be a mother—but is she telling the whole story? As the evidence slowly mounts, and the police investigation deepens, Nick is incriminated in horrible ways. He swears he didn’t murder his beautiful wife and goes on the offensive to clear his name. The mystery of Amy’s disappearance only gets more tangled as secret unfurl from the web of their knotty marriage, and it becomes clear that something may have happened more disturbing than death.


Well, I think I will starting this one with ‘Ouch, I’m not sure about this’ and ‘No, please, not me…’

That’s, uhm, such an expressions of doubt and inability which is has no relevance even a bit with the contents of this book, but about myself.

Since I don’t have the courage to make a review of the books which I think contains of an amazing stories, so I never once even tried. It’s because I was too afraid about what I will write down couldn’t really be able to show how high my feelings for the book, or how I wasn’t sure can reveal the whole part of an amazing story that I want to express, or also I really wasn’t sure how to convince others that this book is really worth to read. It was all because I haven’t find a way (or don’t believe in myself) how to create a promotional words that will reflect the greatness of the book itself. So sometimes when a friends of mine pointed at some books that arranged into one of my shelf’s column and asked about whether it was good or not, then usually I just said ‘That’s a great book. Very worth to read and enough to makes you amazed or learning something’. And when they asked more about how’s the story goes, what’s the topic about, and such thing, I just gave them some major clues until they seems interested to read (without outspokenly spoiler, of course). And at the end, I said again ‘Just read it. That’s a great book, I say’. But I think a lot of it did never worked, it because perhaps I’m not seems like believable person. :))

The point is, make a review from the outstanding masterpiece was ver, very, very difficult thing to do and inconceivable stressful. But for reason that the review I have to make here is one of the series from end year event I had—Secret Santa, so however I need to make a report about the results from reading the book. Since this book is very amazing, so it’s hard, absolutely. But I will try my best for this. Continue reading


Riddle Secret Santa 2014


Bingkisan dari Santa saya kali ini jujur memang sempat membuat saya sedikit berdebar, penasaran, sekaligus bingung. Karena pasalnya, hingga minggu ketiga Desember akan habis, bingkisan yang saya tunggu-tunggu ini belum datang juga. Bahkan Kak Nana juga sempat menanyakan pada saya apakah kiriman dari secret santa sudah saya terima atau belum. Otomatis hal ini makin membuat saya bertanya-tanya apakah Santa saya lupa mengirimkannya, atau salah menuliskan alamat saya, atau paketnya dihilangkan oleh pihak jasa pengiriman dan saat itu entah ada dimana, atau jangan-jangan saya tidak kebagian mendapat seorang Santa?

Awalnya saya memang terlambat mendaftarkan diri untuk mengikuti event ini karena saya pikir pendaftarannya belum dibuka. Tapi ternyata justru sudah ditutup! Akhirnya saya nekat menghubungi salah satu pengurus divisi event, Kak Jo yang imut ^^ Setelah katanya dirundingkan dengan pengurus yang lain, dan lain sebagainya, syukurnya saya masih boleh mengikuti event ini. Hore! \(^O^)/ Karena itu, saya pikir gara-gara saya terlambat daftar dan terkesan dadakan sekali dan seperti ngerempongin plus ngedusel-duselin peserta lain di belakang sendiri makanya mungkin saja kakak-kakak di divisi event sampai lupa memberikan saya seorang Santa di saat saya diberikan bagian untuk menjadi Santa dari seseorang yang lain di luar sana… 😥 Ini tuduhan yang jelek, jelek sekali… Duh, maafkan saya kakak-kakak divisi event yang baik, maafkan saya… m(T_____T)m Continue reading

Mr. Popper’s Penguins


Title: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Author: Richard and Florence Atwater

Publisher: Little Brown

Language: English

Pages: 139 pages


Mr. Popper receives on unexpected delivery—a real, live penguin! Soon, another penguin arrives… and another… until his home is transformed into a snowy winter wonderland. As the penguins—each with a distinct and delightful personality—continue to turn Mr. Popper’s life upside down, he decides to take this show on the road. Mr. Popper’s penguins become a nationwide sensation.


Mr. Popper is a house painter who living in the pleasant little city called Stillwater. He lived with his wife and two childrens—Bill and Janie. Their very simple life oftenly being a reason for Mrs. Popper to complain about their finances, especially when Mr. Popper had no work to do. The decorating season is only in spring until fall, it’s when people in Stillwater want their houses to be painted. And there’s no more work for him when decorating season is over.

When the jobless time is coming, Mr. Popper will spend all his day to sitting around and reading, and Mrs. Popper will start to complaining her worried again about money. But Mr. Popper with his innocence keep doing his favourite.

Mr. Popper really liked all things about ice and snow. This was the most he regretted of all things he wish could seen but he can’t. He even imagine how great if he can be a scientist instead of a house painter, so that he might doing the Polar expeditions as he wished. But because he couldn’t do, so he always thinking about that. Even while doing his job, Mr. Popper will keep himself imagining those things. He had watched all the Polar movie in town and read all the books about Arctic or Antartic. Try to give him some questions about those cold places or all the Polar explorers, then he will give a most correctly answers about what happened in there or the name of all Polar explorers he knew and what they had done. Continue reading

Vampire Academy (A Graphic Novel)


Title: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Publisher: Razorbill

Language: English

Pages: 72 pages


Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies…

Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess: a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth’s magic. She must be protected at atll times from the Strigoi, the fiercest vampire—the ones who never die. The powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through Rose Hathaway, Lissa’s best friend, makes her a dhampir. Rose is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Lissa from Strigoi, who are hell-blent on making Lissa one of them.


With the total of pages are only 72, this book absolutely not going to load all of the whole story. But even though this is like a short version of the original story, there’s simply no differences about the plot. They didn’t wrote back parts of the story completely, yes, but each of the main story itself remains built well and clearly. I’m even sure readers who haven’t read the original story though, would still be able to understand all the storyline well.

The story begins when Rose Hathaway had a dream about her connection with Lissa Dragomir. This part was ilustrated on the first page when Rose was standing alone in the middle of the lake (the ilustration itself nearly looks like a lake than a sea—this oppening part described different with the original story, where Rose is on the beach with hot guy). Continue reading