RC: Lucky No. 14




Another reading challenge I want to join, yeay! Hosted by Books To Share and only need 14 books (with the rules in below) to completing this one. But if want more books to be read, it accepted. Just click on the button in above to find more the rules about this challenge.

1. Visit The Country: Read a book that has setting in a country that you really want to visit in real life. Make sure the setting has a big role in the book and it can make you know a little bit more about your dream destination.

[The Secret Garden! It set in the Yorkshire and I looooove that place so much.]

2. Cover Lust: Pick a book from your shelf that you bought because you fell in love with the cover. Is the content as good as the cover?

[Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. I have a big expectations with this book.]

3. Blame it on Bloggers: Read a book because you’ve read the sparkling reviews from other bloggers. Don’t forget to mention the blogger’s names too!

[Me Before You. She’s Mia from Mia Membaca, I remember I read her comment in GR but I dont know she has wrote the review on her blog or not.]

4. Bargain All The Way: Ever buying a book because it’s so cheap you don’t really care about the content? Now it’s time to open the book and find out whether it’s really worth your cents.

[Mr. Popper’s Penguin. I got this only 10k from P+ :p] Continue reading


RC: Children’s Literature Reading Project


What a wonderful challenge! Would be very fun to read some books that will be remind me about the childhood. Nothing better than take a lessons of life from the innocence of childrens. Right?

The period to completing this challenge is long enough… 3 years! And I will start it from 15 February 2014 – 15 February 2017.

Here’s the rules:

1. Put the CLRP button above on the sidebar of your blog (you can just copy the image from this blog).

2. Make your own criteria of children’s literature. You may refer to any source (e.g., herethere or this), but it has to be children, young adults are not accepted.

3. Make a list of children’s book you want to read in the following 3 (three) years. You may start from 10, 15, 25, 50, or as many as you can manage. You can always change your list, just set your own goal. After that, don’t forget to put your link in the link tool below. (This is my list)

4. Your list is your guide. Every time you finish your book, make a review then put the link on your book list, so you can control your pace. There are no specific format or rules for the reviews.

5. You can make annual or 6-months progress post, just to make sure that everything is running well. And then, put your progress post in the provided link tool (will be updated later).

And here’s the books I (wish could) will read: Continue reading